Wednesday, 2 July 2008

The Ultimate Fashion Crime

And it just keeps coming.

Common sense, is not so common after all. If I were to fine someone one ringgit everytime I see a fashion crime committed, trust me I would be a millionaire in a few months.

Drainpipes are back. Fine, like it or not, we all have to embrace it. I personally, hated the whole idea of drainpipes/leggings/tights. What was so great about the 80s anyways? Big, bad hair do and shoulder pads? (Although I was born in 1986, it didn't count because I wasn't an eligible member of the fashion community.)

Let's go back before the whole leggings craze began, shall we? In the 90s, surely one must remember that working women wore pantyhose a lot, adding to the formal working suit. Be it skin colour or black, it adds to the formality and compliments the whole outfit. Other than that, it was classified as sexy lingerie. Yes, those sort that you see in Lady Marmalade of Victoria Secret's ad campaign. Now the bells are ringing, aren't they?

Sure one can tell where this is going: Pantyhose/Leggings/Tights are not pants/trousers you idiots! They never did substitute for real pants, and they never will be! Hence, wearing a top that's just big enough to cover your ass and matching it with tights is like going out in public in your underwear. It doesn't matter how round, bouncy or perky your ass is. It's simply unacceptable. (And no, I'm not bitter about tights because I don't look good in them. This isn's the case of sour grapes. I'm famous for my fabulous legs)

Besides, the whole idea seems spastically retarded to me. It's like you can't afford to buy a proper pair of slacks/trousers to save your life. The whole idea of wearing a skirt is to show off your legs. Yes, that's why we don't really mind global warming. Our legs look great in skirts. If you're going to wear skirts or sundresses and match them with leggings, you're self-defeating the whole idea of skirts. Unless it's cold, of course. But generally, who would do such a thing in Malaysia? Lots, apparently. Zero common sense, zero fashion sense.

No, it's still not acceptable even though it has pretty sexy laces attached to it at the end. It doesn't matter if one morning a famous designer wakes up with an amnesia and starts to design leggings and force it in the fashion industry, it still isn't acceptable. Because know this, it is still underwear no matter how you design it.

I really pity those people whose iq levels are their waistlines. It gives them so little choice.

Be smart and take my advice because the whole world will thank me for it. If you can't dress yourself properly decent, then you're better off not leaving the house because you're only going to be an eyesore.

People who can't dress well should be put under house arrest, no?


Fatin said...

I don't mind slim fits, to be honest. I can't stand carrot cuts. Maybe it is the same, but it's different to me. Slim fit hugs your feet, carrot cuts don't. It's sooo annoying and doesn't flatter anyone!!

And you know what my stand on leggings are. Hahaha. And those bits of lace at the end? To me, that makes it scream "I'm an underwear, you stupid idiot!!" Hahaha.

Write more weii!! Still, I know you're busy and all ;) Me too. Hahaha. Miss you!!

Machiavellian said...

lol never knew you blogged;)

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