Wednesday, 2 July 2008

The Ultimate Fashion Crime

And it just keeps coming.

Common sense, is not so common after all. If I were to fine someone one ringgit everytime I see a fashion crime committed, trust me I would be a millionaire in a few months.

Drainpipes are back. Fine, like it or not, we all have to embrace it. I personally, hated the whole idea of drainpipes/leggings/tights. What was so great about the 80s anyways? Big, bad hair do and shoulder pads? (Although I was born in 1986, it didn't count because I wasn't an eligible member of the fashion community.)

Let's go back before the whole leggings craze began, shall we? In the 90s, surely one must remember that working women wore pantyhose a lot, adding to the formal working suit. Be it skin colour or black, it adds to the formality and compliments the whole outfit. Other than that, it was classified as sexy lingerie. Yes, those sort that you see in Lady Marmalade of Victoria Secret's ad campaign. Now the bells are ringing, aren't they?

Sure one can tell where this is going: Pantyhose/Leggings/Tights are not pants/trousers you idiots! They never did substitute for real pants, and they never will be! Hence, wearing a top that's just big enough to cover your ass and matching it with tights is like going out in public in your underwear. It doesn't matter how round, bouncy or perky your ass is. It's simply unacceptable. (And no, I'm not bitter about tights because I don't look good in them. This isn's the case of sour grapes. I'm famous for my fabulous legs)

Besides, the whole idea seems spastically retarded to me. It's like you can't afford to buy a proper pair of slacks/trousers to save your life. The whole idea of wearing a skirt is to show off your legs. Yes, that's why we don't really mind global warming. Our legs look great in skirts. If you're going to wear skirts or sundresses and match them with leggings, you're self-defeating the whole idea of skirts. Unless it's cold, of course. But generally, who would do such a thing in Malaysia? Lots, apparently. Zero common sense, zero fashion sense.

No, it's still not acceptable even though it has pretty sexy laces attached to it at the end. It doesn't matter if one morning a famous designer wakes up with an amnesia and starts to design leggings and force it in the fashion industry, it still isn't acceptable. Because know this, it is still underwear no matter how you design it.

I really pity those people whose iq levels are their waistlines. It gives them so little choice.

Be smart and take my advice because the whole world will thank me for it. If you can't dress yourself properly decent, then you're better off not leaving the house because you're only going to be an eyesore.

People who can't dress well should be put under house arrest, no?

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Still jet lagged

Why am I still jetlagged? I know it takes time but it's been 2 weeks! I'm falling asleep 9am every morning, and waking up at 3pm daily. Frankly, it's making me sick. I get so restless and anxious, and not to mention getting hungry at 4 in the morning but too lazy to move to find food.

At the risk of sounding like every typical Malaysian student who just came back from studying overseas, the weather is indeed unbearably hot. I do feel guilty using air conditioning most of the time, but I just can't help it. I try to cut back wherever I can. Hell I'm doing so much for the environment. Thanks to global warming, everything is chaotic now. I even recycle everything that is recyclable. So excuse me if I choose to be a cheapskate and refuse to pay to offset my carbon emission/ carbon footsteps. I take the train a lot, carpool, and fly economy class on planes (which is no fun, believe me) I feel that I shouldn't be punished just because the idiots out there decided not to carpool, or arrogant bastards who fly their private jets to Rome just for dinner. Why should I pay? The whole idea is a joke. Just like how Fairtrade is such a big joke.

Being back home is nice. There's no place like it. I thought I had so many things to do, but I can't seem to remember what they were. I can't seem to think straight right now so I should go back to watching shows.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Home Smells Like This...

I'm finally back home, which is about the right time because my feet need to rest from all the walking. Despite having arrived exactly 8 days ago, my jetlag is still taunting me like a bitch. I'm still falling asleep only after 7am, and it sucks sleeping in broad daylight. Most of the time I'm awake I'm restless.

I have got to get rid of this jet lag.

Saturday, 31 May 2008


Who knew my life would be so hectic after exams? And I thought I could just spend a few days just resting and chilling out with my girlfriends. I'm now in London, specifically Wawa's place, waiting for the final episode of Lost to load.

So basically, this is where I'll be from 31st May to 12th June

Durham - London - Vienna - Prague - Notts - Durham - London - Lille - Egham - Malaysia!!

On another point, every muscle in my body is aching. Literally every muscle. I went to DAMS' futsal social yesterday and I forgot to warm up. Silly duck. Now even when I laugh my lower abdomen hurts =(

All the muscle pain in the world, in addition to the fact that on Thursday night in Klute this skanky blonde English girl stepped on my right foot with her cheap heels. It hurts even when I wear flip flops. OUCH! And she didn't even have the courtesy to apologize. So I shoved her with my elbow. I think she spilled her drink, but screw it, you can always buy more drinks. What about my right foot??

Thursday, 29 May 2008


I sat for my final paper this morning: Politics of Pcific Asia. I have to say I had a good time comparing Asian and Western values and heavily criticising the latter. It was also fun to brag about Southeast Asia, naturally.

I'm officially done with second year. Have I been in England that long? Apparently so. Although I must say it seems as if yesterday I was a Fresher. I'm enjoying my last few bits of being a Liver's-Out. And soon enough I'll be a Finalist. Hold that thought, it sounds scary. Moving on...

I'm just really glad I've finished all 6 papers in 3 weeks, without any difficulties along the way. It's weird though that I'm not feeling all that liberated and relieved. It's like I'm not entirely happy about the current state. Very very weird indeed. But maybe it takes a while for the joyous feeling to kick in. After all, I wasn't acting like a star student all year round, more like the 'slack' student who proscrastinates all the time. But now that I'm done, I still have a lot of errands to run.

Library books need to be returned. They are way overdued. I need to finalise my Prague and Vienna trip. I need to start packing my things. I need to get empty boxes, first. Then plan for my Lille trip. Need to submit the early registrationg forms and the dissertation form. But before that, must pick a dissertation topic first.

And I've no clue at the moment.

I'm gonna go and waste time by watching shows. Also I'm very delighted that my DAMS stash jus arrived! Although I should have a picked a size smaller for my pink polo. But I'm still proud of my work. No other Malaysian society in the whole of UK has their stash personalised the way I did them. The polo shirts are so cute and funky I swear! I'm really proud as to how much DAMS has progressed.

P/S: DAMS is my little precious I co-created with Aimee. We are the proud founders of Durham University's Malaysian Society. We decided to start the society in our first year and it's duly ratified. Although I must point out that in 2006 the number of Malaysians in Durham could be counted by just one hand. I then took it a step further and call ourselves Durham Association of Malaysian Students (DAMS). I can't stop smiling =)

Tuesday, 27 May 2008


I'm restless for countless reasons.

I've been in England for far too long. I've been away for far too long now. Well, it only has been 5 months but I feel like I'm still allowed to complain. I am usually not the whiny type. This feeling of restlessness, it's getting to me. It's like the only cure to it, is by taking the next 13-hour flight back to Malaysia. It's the only way.

England has become boring and predictable. If it's too good to be true, then it definitely is. Good, sunny weathers don't last. English weathers totally revolutionised the definition of summer. The new-age summer means that at least 50% of the day, 50% of the skies would be covered by gloomy clouds, waiting to rain on you. And english rains are toxic. You heard me. The air in Malaysia may be polluted, but when it rains, you could film an amateur love movie playing under the rain, because it'll never give you a headache. You could catch a cold if you stay under the rain long enough. Being the drama queen that I am, I must stress that the next statement has no element of exaggeration at all. Zilch. When the raindrops start to fall and land on my head, within the next 5 seconds I am guaranteed a throbbing agonising headache. Even a hot shower won't make it go away. I need to call in the painkillers everytime. What is it in the rain that makes it so toxic, it's giving everyone headaches?

The next legit reason for why I'm restless: There's an 8 day gap between my 5th and last paper. Initially, this meant an extra time to work on the paper, in hopes for it to bring up my average marks. After having 5 papers, (split into 3 and 2 back-to-backs) I am mentally exhausted. Exhausted doesn't even begin to cover it. It's inexcusable that english universities just fuck up your exam timetables when your whole future is involved. I have friends with 4 and 5 back-to-backs. Personally, 3 was my cut off point. This calls for a reform. Then again, with their poor financial management skills, they take pleasure in failing students (Especially international students) because this translates to higher income flow from exam resits. As if it wasn't bad enough that our fees are three times what the locals pay. Their budget deficits makes you say-wtf, how could a top university be in such large deficits. Sure, carry on with your experimental researches. I feel like I could benefit so much after hearing that "The success of football clubs could be down to the colour of their shirt, according to new research". Or how "Suitors can tell a young person’s attitude to sexual relationships by their face, new research suggests." I wonder whatever happened to common sense. Maybe this is how they say "I told you so, in your face".

Instead of reading about how the US' role in Pacific Asia declined after the Cold War, I decided to procrastinate my heart out. Maybe I'll be more productive tomorrow. Who knows. After all, I do work better under pressure. Then again, when its too much, I stop to care. And the fear of it being the latter does not even bother me one bit.

I have been here for too long. It's time to go home. It's time to leave England.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

My Second Year

It's been ages since my last post. Indeed ages is an understatement. My last post was from summer 2007, and who knew time could pass by so quickly. I've come to an end of my second year. God, it's been quick. And now, because the books were boring me out of my mind, I decided to spend some time to write up some nonsense.

I have a summative project due 2nd May. It counts for 40% of my module and I still haven't started. Mostly because I've no clue as how to start, yet. And this module, is called econometrics - the most hated module for all second year economists.

The good news is, in less than 60 days I'll be home free! Home Sweet Home. Home, where my heart truly belongs. I realised that ever since I came to England, I've never stayed for more than 3 consecutive months without going back. This year I tried not to burn such a big hole in my pocket, hence the decision to stay back for Easter break. Bits of travelling here and there, but nothing beats being home. If only I had more money just to buy that return easter ticket, I wouldn't be here skyping everyday with my sayang and doing some stupid countdown waiting for my homecoming in June. I just celebrate my 28month-anniversary yesterday, and it's no fun doing it online. Damn the long distance and time difference.

The bad news - before June, comes May - the absolute student torment month - the judgement month. God I'm so stressed just thinking about it. My books are still waiting to be read, considering the speck of dust they've been collecting. Life is no fun when you have books waiting to be read. Revison's a fun sucker, it's always been.

I feel like I should go back to my revision or start on my project, but as always, I choose to procrastinate, with online tv shows. It's officially my last day of spring break and I fully deserve to enjoy it on every level. And if that means to not touch the books, so be it.